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Terms of Service

Updated October 25, 2017

*I primarily deal with private commissions. If you want to work with me for something to be published or made into merchandise that will need to be discussed in detail. The following is subject to be updated and revised in the future as needed.


  • The artist may refuse work for any reason. Harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Clients will be notified of delays that may affect wait times such as sickness, travel, or other interruptions to workflow.
  • Expected turnaround for work completion is within 2 weeks, but may take up to 2 - 4 months.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to order.


  • All prices are in United States currency, USD.
  • The client must provide an email for a Paypal Invoice. Unless taking tips, donations, or otherwise stated: invoices only.
  • Work is not started until full payment is received (unless payment plan or otherwise stated).
  • Commissions that exceed $150 are eligible for payment plans. Payment amounts are negotiable.
  • If the commission is finished before a payment plan is complete, the artist will withhold access to the artwork until full payment is received.

Refunds & Cancellations

  • You may cancel your order any time before work has started and be refunded in full.
  • No refunds on smaller commissions (less than $50) once work has begun.
  • On larger works (exceeding $50): You may be compensated varying amounts depending on how much work has been completed. Early phases such as thumbnails and sketching may return up to 75% and decrease thereafter depending on the progression of the artwork.
  • If majority of work is complete (color, shading, etc) refunds are no longer available.

Revisions & WIPs

  • The client will be sent WIPs(Work-In-Progress) of larger pieces if desired. These are eligible for 3 major revisions (change of pose/posture, swapping props/outfit, etc) during the sketching phase and 1 major revision after regardless of progress.
  • Large works have preview WIPs during linework, base color, and detailing phases (as applicable). These are opportunities to ask for any changes during the current phase of the project. If you want changes on a previous stage, you may be subject to a fee.
  • Smaller commissions (under $50) are eligible for one major revision.
  • Minor revisions are case-by-case and do not count against major revisions. Changing an expression of the eyes, coloring of small objects, etc are considered small as these are changes that do not require an overhaul on redesign. Please be courteous and thoughtful about any changes you request.
  • If mistakes are at fault of the artist (information was provided, I ignored it) corrections will be made free of charge within reason.
  • If insufficient information was provided, there may be a fee for revising finished work. The cost will vary between 25% to 50% of the final price depending on how much needs to be redone.
  • There is a grace period of one week (7 days) to request revisions on a finished piece. Afterwards, all revisions may be refused or be subject to a fee.

Usage Policy

  • Clients may not reproduce commissioned work for “personal gain” (IE: T-shirts, merchandise, etc. containing commissioned artwork may not be manufactured and then sold for a profit). Clients may produce merchandise for their own “personal use” (IE: T-shirts/etc. you create for your own wear/use or gift to a friend).
  • Clients may use work for icons, desktop backgrounds, decorative prints (for home, office, etc), and any other personal/private use. Clients may repost images to their own website or online galleries, but credit and a link must be given back to the artist. Please do not upload a version without a watermark/URL on the image to personal online galleries.
  • The artist retains rights to all commissioned work created. Commissioned artwork may be posted or distributed online. The artist may produce digital or hard copies for promotion or sale.

Content Restrictions

  • The artist will not create work that is aimed to be hateful or discriminatory to a person(s) or group in poor taste. Offensive humor, violence/gore, nudity, and other such content will be approved on a case-by-case basis.  The client’s proposal may be turned down for any reason.
  • I will probably not draw your fetish.



  • Discussion regarding commission work must be made through email or notes (deviantart and furaffinity only) unless otherwise stated. No public forum or message boards may be used.
  • By contacting the artist for hire, you agree to the above terms. Questions and inquiries are more than welcome; feel free to contact if you need clarification on anything.